Sometimes digital marketing can feel unnecessarily difficult and complicated. Often it depends on terms and abbreviations that the industry uses. Here we list some of the most important terms and abbreviations:

Glossary and abbreviations

CPC = Cost Per Click. Cost per click.
CPM = Cost Per Mille. Cost per thousand ad impressions.
CPA = Cost Per Action. Cost per document, e.g. registration of newsletter or similar.
eCPM = effective Cost Per Mille. Means average CPM cost, i.e. how much you pay on average for a thousand ad impressions during a campaign.
Click = Click. Means that an ad has been clicked on. Does not imply that a visit to the website has been created.
DOOH = Digital Out Of Home. Digital advertising signs that can be found, for example, in and outside shopping centres, at public transport stations, etc.
Programmatic = Programmatic advertising. Collective name for technologies that enable the automatic purchase of ads, often on “conventional” websites in the form of banners and video ads, but also e.g. DOOH.

Customer case: Skånetrafiken

Customised geo and target group as well as event based such as before and after football matches (MFF & HIF)

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Customer case: Filmstaden

Programmatic campaign for Filmstaden with video pre rolls and banner ads.

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