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Dimension 46

We are specialists in Growth Marketing. This means we can help you achieve growth using data-driven marketing. At Dimension 46, we are passionate about building long-term relationships with a foundation that starts with your business and your marketing results.

Every rewarding relationship requires work from both parties to be successful. That’s why we can sometimes be more demanding than other agencies – because we really want to create the best possible results together with you as our client.

We collaborate with our clients to understand the business in-depth, as well as the goals the clients are striving for and how these will affect the clients and their partners. We translate this into a unique, tailored marketing strategy to make us achieve the goals together.

We have a holistic perspective to achieve real growth

Whatever your needs, we always look at the strategy and implementation from a holistic perspective. We see the big picture. It permeates everything we create and we provide solutions for every challenge we face.

Because we have been around for so long and because we follow and understand the industry and how it evolves, our team can provide new perspectives on strategies and tactics to ensure your digital business evolves. We use our experience as inspiration to solve your problems and challenges with the help of our digital toolbox.

Our philosophy & values

We want you to achieve your full potential. You deserve it. We do this by helping, supporting, educating, advising and challenging you and your organisation.

Our Team:

Tobias Eidem

KAM, Partner

Email: tobias.eidem@dimension46.se

Phone:‭ +46 705-888 999

Anders Jonell

KAM, Partner

Email: anders.jonell@dimension46.se

Phone: ‭+46 70-204 47 44

Anna Katarina Berglund

Project Manager

Email: anna.katarina.berglund@dimension46.se

Phone: +46 70-956 97 99

Christian Muda

SEO- och SEM-specialist, digital strateg

Email: christian.muda@dimension46.se

Phone: +46 70-773 30 70

Gabrielė Kašauskaitė

Campaign Manager

Email: gabriele@dimension46.se

Valentino Rongione

New Business

Email: valentino.rongione@dimension46.se

Phone: +46 70-964 62 43

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