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Dimension 46 are experts in paid social – paid campaigns in channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok and Snapchat. Contact us and we will create proposals for setup and channel selection that suits you and your company.

What is paid social?

Paid social is a form of advertising that involves paying to have your ad appear on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The purpose of paid social is to reach a specific target group and get them to take a desired action, such as visiting a website or buying a product.

Paid social gives organisations the opportunity to reach a very specific target group, by choosing to advertise to users – who in many cases are logged in – based on their demographics, interests and behaviours. This can make it more effective than other forms of advertising, such as TV ads, which target a wider audience.

Different types of paid social

There are different ways to pay and/or measure the cost of paid social, including cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per action (CPA) or cost per lead. The choice of payment and/or optimisation and follow-up model will depend on the organisation’s goals and how to measure success.

Clear, measurable goals according to SMART

To create a successful paid social campaign, it is important to have clear goals and measurable criteria to measure success. It is also important to create relevant and engaging content that fits the target audience and captures their interest. It can be good to use visual elements, such as images and videos, and to give the recipient a benefit, such as discount codes or free products.

Evaluate and follow up

It is also important to follow up and evaluate the results of the paid social campaign. This may involve using tools to track how many people have seen the ad, how many have clicked on it and how many have taken the desired action. By analyzing these numbers, you can see what worked well and what can be improved in the future.

There are many benefits to paid social, including that it allows an organisation to reach a very specific audience, it is possible to measure the results, and it allows an organisation to quickly and easily adjust its advertising to meet its goals.

Dimension 46 are experts in paid social – purchased campaigns in channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok. Contact Us then we will come up with proposals for layout and channel selection just for you.

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