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What is Website optimisation?

Website optimisation, also known as homepage optimisation, is a process of improving website performance and user experience. The purpose of website optimisation is to increase the amount of quality traffic to a website, increase sales and improve the user experience.

Ways to do a website optimisation

There are many different ways to optimise a website, including improving content, using relevant keywords and search phrases, optimising images and videos, improving load time, and optimising landing pages for search engines.

To improve the content of a website, one can, for example, write relevant and useful content that the target audience finds interesting, and use keywords and search phrases that the target audience is likely to use when searching for a product or service.

Optimising images and videos can mean using relevant names and meta tags on the files, so that search engines can more easily index them. Improving the load time of a website can mean minimising the size of the files that are loaded, making the page load faster, and optimising the code to improve performance.

Optimising landing pages for search engines can involve using relevant keywords and search phrases in meta tags and in the content, as well as ensuring that the pages are easy to navigate and have relevant and useful content.

Website optimisation is a long-term process and can take time to produce results. It is therefore important to be patient and to continue working with website optimisation regularly to get a long-term effect. By using website optimisation, an organisation can increase its visibility and thereby increase its sales and awareness.

Dimension 46 are experts in website optimisation. Contact us and we will come up with proposals for arrangements just for you.

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